Diving Company Le Havre

The Port of Le Havre, Port Autonome du Havre, is the Port and port authority of the Normandy city of Le Havre, France.

The port of Le Havre consists of a series of canal-like docks, the Canal de Tancarville and the Grand Canal du Havre, that connect Le Havre to the Seine, close to the Pont de Tancarville, 24 km ( 14.9 m) upstream. Positioned at the centre of the Le Havre-Paris axis, the Port of Rouen is at the heart of a hinterland of prime importance in Europe.

The Port of Rouen lies on the banks of the River Seine in northwestern France about 112 kilometers northwest of Paris inbound from Le Havre. Le Havre is located 4 Hrs South of FN Divings main office in Rotterdam and suitable for all sorts of underwater operations.

FN Diving performs underwater repairs and inspections in Le Havre.

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