Diving Company Rotterdam

FN Diving is the diving service provider for Rotterdam Port. Covering 105 square kilometres (41 sq mi), the port of Rotterdam now stretches over a distance of 40 kilometres (25 mi).

It consists of the city center`s historic harbor area, including Delfshaven; the Maashaven/Rijnhaven/Feijenoord complex; the harbours around Nieuw-Mathenesse; Waalhaven; Vondelingenplaat; Eemhaven; Botlek; Europoort, situated along the Calandkanaal, Nieuwe Waterweg and Scheur (the latter two being continuations of the Nieuwe Maas); and the reclaimed Maasvlakte area, which projects into the North Sea.

Diving operations are being performed in the complete port of Rotterdam where our main Office is also located.

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Mobilisation and demobilisation time of our dive teams within the complete port of Rotterdam including loading vessels and equipment when necessary is maximum 1 hour.

This due to our tactically placed compounds and vessels within the Port. FN Diving mantains its main operational diving HQ within the Port of Rotterdam.

Suported by:

  • Welding teams and steel workshops
  • Fully operational propulsion workshop and 24/7 technicians
  • Port repair quays and repair bouys
  • 3 fully operational and fully equiped professional Launch diving vessels in all parts of the 65 km port to have the quickest reaction time possible.
  • 24/7 manned back office to support our teams.

The Harbour Master’s Division (DHMR) is responsible for the safe, smooth, clean and secure handling of shipping in the port of Rotterdam. The Harbour Master’s Division is part of the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

It oversees safety on the water, by order of the Rotterdam Municipality and the Dutch government. With modern patrol boats and a high-tech traffic control system, the Harbour Master’s Division supervises and controls shipping traffic, day and night.

FN Diving works together with the Port authorities on a 24/7 basis in order to keep all operations safe and can continue diving work day and night in all part of the Biggest Port in Europe.

With 24 berths at buoys and dolphins, the port of Rotterdam offers facilities for underwater inspections and ship repair as no other.

Nowhere in the world will you find as many possibilities for underwater repairs as in Rotterdam.

Vessels of all sizes can make use of the buoys and dolphins 24/7. The berths are an attractive addition to the transhipment possibilities at the terminals and are a safe alternative for ship-to-ship transfers in open sea.

  • accessible and available 24/7
  • no limitations in depth
  • handling of dry and liquid bulk
  • bunkering, repairs and lay-by
  • easy online reservations

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