Class approved underwater CCTV inspections

Underwater CCTV inspections, underwater repairs andmaintenance for the international merchant fleet.

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Underwater CCTV inspections

Class Approved Underwater CCTV Inspections UWILD “Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking”, as an alternative to dry-docking inspection.

This underwater CCTV inspections are carried out by our class approved divers under the supervision of an attending surveyor and include all items normally examined if the vessel were dry-docked.

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No high costs or dry-dock

FN Diving delivers swift and high quality class approved underwater CCTV inspections. Reports will be directly send from site with pictures to provide our customers with up to date information about the underwater condition of their vessel.

By regularly inspecting and maintaining a vessel by means of FN Diving underwater technicians, you can extend the trouble free life of a vessel drastically. It is proven that performing regular inspections on maneuvering,- and propulsion systems, ships will operate longer without major unforeseen problems. Preventing the need for additional high costs or dry-dock before it is too late.

FN Diving at work

inspections underwater

FN Diving carries out inspections underwater and on- site very swiftly without disturbing the vessel’s sailing or loading schedule.

Also has FN Diving committed itself to execute these jobs as cost effective and swift as possible with the highest standards and quality for operators and equipment worldwide.

  • Complete hull surveys, including still and video color photography documentation.
  • Complete running gear inspection, including struts, fairwaters, rope guards, propellers,
  • Underwater inspections on rudders and bearings.
  • NDT inspections of hull shell plating and other underwater appendages.
  • Special inspections at request of ship owners/ representative, classification inspectors, class surveyors and insurers.
  • Dry-dock extension inspections in compliance with all major classification societies
  • Pre-purchase, pre/post charter surveys.
  • Pre and Post dry dock inspections.
  • Damage assessment inspections.
  • Hull coating inspections.
  • Bottom survey at berths or anchorages to locate and remove obstructions hazardous to vessels.
  • Stern seal inspections
  • Underwater paint/epoxy/coating inspection and application.
  • NDT underwater inspections
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement. Magnetic particle (crack detection)
  • Regular inspections can reveil damages on propellers, rudder cavitation and other unexpected abnormalities Underwater inspection Holland Rotterdam
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Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.