Underwater Bore Scope Inspections

Borescopes are used underwater for visual inspection work where the target area is inaccessible by other means by diver , or where accessibility may require destructive, time consuming and/or expensive dismounting activities underwater or inside the vessel.

Similar devices to as endoscopes, Borescopes are mostly used in underwater nondestructive testing techniques for recognizing defects or imperfections or defects on Ship structures.

At FN Diving Bore scopes and special designed endoscopes are used for the inspection of overboards Sea chests and also Scrubber OB Pipes.

Bore scopes can be deployed from underwater or at the dry end of the system by our underwater inspection technician teams in order to assist with underwater inspection or repair operations in Port or at Sea.

For more info on underwater endoscopic or borescope inspections Contact FN Diving Rotterdam or Algeciras


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