Underwater PCBF ECO CAP Installation

The Propeller Boss Cap Fins PBCF or ECO CAP is a device for propeller efficiency improvement that recovers energy loss of a propeller hub vortex in the propeller backward flow.

Furthermore an Eco Cap or PCBF decreases fuel consumption by 5% when operating at the same speed, or boosts speed by 3% with the same fuel consumption. Propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. It improves propulsive efficiency by weakening the hub vortex, and by recovering kinetic energy from the rotating flow aft of the propeller blades.

FN DIVING operating on-site and underwater, the Shipowner could immediately start enjoying the fuel savings the PCBF, ECO CAP, Energoprofin system offers.

Calculations show that the vessel earned back the underwater installation in about four weeks, making savings for the customer substantial even before going to dry dock.

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