Underwater propeller repair in the Dominican Republic

After an urgent call from one of our customers, FN Diving Rotterdam organised a team to attend the vessel the next day in the Dominican Republic.  

On arrival the team was ready to start immediately with the inspection and repairs after some preparations.
After consulting our propeller repair partner a repair plan was made allowing FN Diving to repair our customers propeller on site within the vessels schedule.

In order to assure a minimum delay for the vessel, the decision was made to crop and repair the damages in a way maintaining the propellers hydro-dynamic requirements.

Within 12 hours all blades were cropped and hydro-dynamically reshaped, allowing the vessel to continue her voyage. The precise and well communicated operation was possible due to a smooth cooperation between the FN Diving team, the ships staff and our propeller repair partner, resulting in a cost and time effective repair for the vessel.

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