Underwater Propeller Repair

Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.

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Damaged propeller problems

It is difficult to estimate the increase, but even a small percentage of extra fuel consumption will quickly exceed the repair price of underwater propeller repair.

Several problems arise from damaged or bend propeller blades. Due to the bent section of the blade, the pitch of this blade has increased and for sure your fuel consumption will rise. Even if you don’t notice any significant vibrations, because the propeller is now running heavier.

The fact that one (1) blade has a higher pitch, results in an unevenly distributed pressure on the propeller. The shaft installation was not designed to handle this.

The engine has to work harder, which could create the risk of overloading. Due to the bent section, the water does not flow smoothly along the blade surface, so there is a chance for further damage due to cavitation.

Sometimes an indication of this phenomenon  is an increased level of propeller noise, but it is possible that you do not notice this during sailing at all, while cavitation damage still progresses.

Underwater Propeller Repair in 24 hrs

The total time for underwater propeller repair are normally under 24 hrs, with no drydocking or down time. It’s a cost effective solution that is guaranteed to get you back on schedule fast. Feel free to contact us!

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Full Underwater Propeller repair options

  • Underwater propeller straightening
  • Crack repair and propagation control
  • Static balancing
  • Replacement of Controllable Pitch Blades and Blade seals
  • Restoration of Hydrodynamic edge tours
  • Pitch and Camber alterations
  • Full Thruster repairs and complete unit replacement
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Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.