Replacing Transducers, Echosounders and Speedlogs

Underwater replacing echosounders and speedlogsare for the international merchant fleet.

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Replacing Echosounders and Speedlogs

FN Diving provides you with a complete package when replacing echosounders and speedlogsareneed afloat. All systems can be delivered worldwide by our partner and installed by our diver technicians.

When speed logs or echo sounders appear to be defective, FN Diving exchanges these worldwide keeping the vessel operational. In the rare occasion the existing speedlog or echo sounder is out of production we provide and install a new transponder with corresponding housing, using cofferdam and class approved dry welding techniques in order to install the new transponder system.

Under 24hrs & no drydocking

The total time for replacing echosounders and speedlogsare normally under 24 hrs, with no drydocking or down time. It’s a cost effective solution that is guaranteed to get you back on schedule fast. Feel free to contact us!

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Underwater repairs, maintenance and inspection for the international merchant fleet.