Permanent and Temporary Shell Plate Repairs while Afloat

Class approved underwater Hull repair alternative for dry docking.

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Shell Plate Repairs while Afloat

As a class accepted alternative for dry docking, FN Diving provides permanent and temporary shell plate repairs using approved cofferdam techniques in combination with wet and dry welding.

FN Diving provides permanent and temporary shell plate repairs while afloat.

The use of cofferdams while the vessel remains operational creates a dry environment in which defective shell plating can be cropped out and replaced by approved full penetration dry welding. This process that allows permanent repair and replacement of damaged areas of hull plating using a single sided welding procedure.
A very cost effective and fast solution, without the off-hire period and costs in case of dry docking.

From request to class approval in one call; assessment, cofferdam placement, internal dry welding repairs and NDT testing all performed in one cooperative smooth operation.

Under 24hrs

The total time for shell plate repairs while afloat are normally under 24 hrs. It’s a cost effective solution that is guaranteed to get you back on schedule fast. Feel free to contact us!

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